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Chinese Heater

Brought a eBay 5kw Chinese heater!

I decided to fit the heater underneath the van, making a bracket from some scrap in the garage mounted to the chassis leg under the drivers seat area. Whilst having the the drivers seat out I fitted a 110amp leisure battery along with the split charger unit, all fitting nicely.

Needed to buy another 1 metre length of ducting and extend the exhaust from the muffler to exit the side of the van, felt more comfortable with the fumes exiting to the side rather than directly underneat. Trimmed a little of the under cover so the exhaust pipe didn’t melt it, also dropped the tank for the diesel pipe feed. The warm air is blown into the rear and cold taken from the drivers foot step area.

All works great 👍 really happy with it. Onto the electrics next!

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