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Carpet Lining

carpet lining
4 way stretch carpet colours

When Carpet Lining your Vw Transporter only top quality products are used. The process starts by removing all factory cards and headlining, the bodywork is cleaned and degreased ready to accept the Dodo Dead Mat Hex foil backed sound deadening with Fire retardant & heat resistants from -40°C to +120°C . 

Any hole's in the bodywork are masked over with foil backed tape to avoid discolouration of the carpet in the future. By adding the deadening mats all unwanted vibrations & structural noise is removed. 

This next stage is optional at a extra cost and offers an additional sound and heat layer of Dodo Thermo Liner. The 6mm Liner controls the temperatures inside the campervan to be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer. Less noise makes for a less tiring drive and, as a bonus, your sound system will be clearer with less distortion. High thermal efficiency and moisture resistant.

100mm Eco-friendly insulation, made from recycled plastic bottles, is then placed into all accessible holes and non windowed areas. Being moisture resistant means no mould growth in high humidity conditions.







The metalwork is then carpeted separately to the NEW 3.6mm Moisture resistant ply panels. Factory cards can be used, although they have been known to 'warp' from the specialised glue used for the 4 way stretch carpet overtime*. Hidden clips are used so no unsightly clips on show and still gives easy access for routing wiring etc. If preferred complete carpeting over the ply panels is also an option. 

Basic Carpet Lining

VW SWB £495 or LWB £545

No Insulation/Sound Proofing And Carpeting Your Existing Panels*

Standard Carpet Lining

VW SWB £695 or LWB £795

Fully Soundproofed/Insulated  With 6mm ThermoLiner To Roof Only ,Carpeting Your Existing Panels*

Premium Carpet Lining

VW SWB £995 or LWB £1095

Fully Soundproofed/Insulated With 6mm ThermoLiner To Roof Only, New 3.6mm Ply Panels Including Headlining Carpeted Separately Fitted With Hidden Clips.

Extra Layer Of 6mm ThermoLiner To Sides And Arches SWB £295 LWB £325

dodo matt
dodo thermo liner
EcoFleece 100mm

Any existing flooring is removed with any holes sealed ready to be cleaned and prepped for the 9mm ply battens to be bonded onto the floor within the ridge recesses. Sound deadening/insulation is then added between the battens with 12mm ply floor being bonded/screwed down, All screws are countersunk and filled for a smooth finish, so no holes drilled into the van! 

There's a wide selection of colours on the Altro Flooring used which has outstanding durability. To finish off the look a deeper side step is installed along with rear full width threshold strip.


Priced VW SWB £795 or LWB £845

Altro Flooring

Altro Flooring Colours
Lining T5 LWB
t5 swb
Recycled Insulation
Altro floor fitting
Floor Battens and Gold Insulation
t5 lwb full height ply
T6.1 with window covers
12mm Ply floor install
Hidden clips full height ply
Top Quality Carpet

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